Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Here is a confession from me: I loathe change.  I am most comfortable with familiarity, a regular routine, sameness.  I like to know where my favorites are on the bookshelf, I enjoy knowing the kids finish their day at school at the same time each day.  It’s comforting to know that my coffee will be waiting on me @ 7:15 each morning and that my processed photo files will be exactly where I put them the evening before.   Yes, a steady routine equals comfort and confidence.

It is precisely because of this character trait that I found myself utterly overwhelmed several weeks ago when my computer crashed.  Those close to me are probably weary of hearing me talk about it.  Even so, I am led to share with you what I’ve gained from this little ‘bump in the road’ as my friend Liz would say.

At this point, which is hindsight now, I am chagrinned to admit that I handle troubles so poorly;  especially something as benign as a pc crash.  I didn’t even lose any data for goodness sake.  What I did lose was my routine, my workflow.  At times I gritted my teeth, such as when I spoke endlessly with computer technicians via the phone, other times I would cry in frustration at not being able to complete my tasks.  And then sometimes, I just couldn’t figure out how 

to be productive in that void.

But Christ said to rejoice for our trials for they produce  perseverance, character, hope.  (Romans 5:3-5)  He wants us to rejoice?!      Yes,  Christ wants us to have gratitude for those opportunities that teach us our true selves.  This, in order to grow in Him.

This lesson was driven home to me recently as I was editing images from our recent trip to Williamsburg, VA.  I love trees and enjoy 

making & collecting photos of them.  Weeping Willows typically grow near the water and are one of the earliest to bear leaves in spring and among the last to shed them in autumn.  Maybe they are reluctant to change too.

Even so, here in Appalachia, we witness the changing of the seasons very distinctly; the trees are now shedding their leaves and are ‘going to sleep for winter’ as I tell my kids.  These changes come each year and some seasons are challenging, such as the drought we experienced this summer.  Roots must sink deep to find water, flowers and fruit are sacrificed so that leaves may grow; they find a way to survive and in so doing, become stronger for it.

May God continue His work in me, that I may become stronger and more resilient through the trials that life brings, recognizing that the only real routine in life is a rhythm of continual growth and change.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Remnant Ministries

Jeff & Rita Sharp are friends and clients.  These photos are part of a series I did for their work, their passion, Remnant Ministries.  You can read more about them from an article in the Register Herald here: Remnant Ministries

It is their mission, in part, to revive the Jewish roots of Christianity through teaching, celebrating the traditional feasts and being a willing vessel to go wherever God leads them to share the roots of the Christian faith.

The Torah they brought to the photo session is the only one I've ever seen.  The Torah, or the Five Books of Moses, is the most important manuscript in the Jewish Tradition.  Jeff & Rita are diligent students of Hebrew and the insights they shared with me were surprising and beautiful.  The manuscript is not only an historical treasure, but the crafting of this scroll and decorative cover bore testimony of skilled artisans.      

The most interesting article that Rita brought to the session was the tallit, or prayer shawl.  I was taken back by the  
intricate designs and knot-work.  The garment was heavy and full of purpose.  She explained to me about the tzitzit, or the knotted fringes or tassels on the hem of the shawl.  Rita said it was this, the fringes, that the lady reached for in St. Matthew 9:20 who wished to be healed by Jesus.    

As an Orthodox Christian, it brings a blessing to my heart that other Christians are learning about their roots.  I agree with Rita as she mentioned in the news article linked above:  with all of our modern views of Christ and trying to conform His identity with current culture, will we recognize Christ upon His return?   Do we understand the culture that Christ walked in on this earth?  

I believe we are enriched when we embark upon the ancient paths, to learn the framework that has given us our faith ; it's one of the reasons I converted to Orthodoxy.

"Thus says the Lord, Stand by the ways and see and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is, and walk in it; And you will find rest for your souls. Jeremiah 6:16"

Rita & Jeff, May God grant you many years!!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

A rough row to hoe

I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!  It's been an adventurous few weeks since my pc crashed.  It was my entire means of photography, I've had some stressful moments lately.

I've got some awesome friends and family who have helped me to make some adjustments :  hubby, Will, my pal, business manager and loving sounding board, has gone above and beyond the call of helping me to get a new system in place; my friend Clayton who always lends an ear and grants timely technical/business/marketing advice; my long-time best pal, Sharon, who listens to me whine and loves me anyway- and also gives great technical advice.  

Thank you Peeps!

I'll write more later as I continue to figure out the new mac ;-)
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