Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Для любви к России

for the love of Russia

Kursk Root Icon, 13th century

One of the many beauties to come from Russia is the Kursk Root Icon. This wonderworking icon originates in the 13th century near the Tuskora River in Kursk and over the centuries has become one of the most beloved, drawing millions of pilgrims. From the time a hunter found the icon lying face down along the riverbank in 1295, to the present day, many miracles have surrounded this wonderworking icon. You can read a more detailed account here.

Our cathedral is very fortunate to be hosting this icon today. I’m praying the weather remains calm so that we can attend the Akathist to the Theotokos and hear the presentation of the history.

Map highlighting Kursk Oblast in Russia

Along a related path to all lovely things Russian, check out The Russian Shop, located near Chicago, IL. When we make our trek to the Windy City, visiting this little treasure is a must. And, something I recently learned: the image below is the Romanov family coat of arms, created by combining St. George slaying the dragon (an ancient symbol of Russia) along with the double headed eagle of the Byzantine Empire. The two heads represent the Tsar’s dual sovereignty, both political and religious.

Romanov family crest, 15th century


margaret said...

Oh I do hope you get to venerate it. It came to the UK but there was no way I could get to the place where it was. I was pretty sad.

elizabeth said...

What a blessing. I pray that you are able to go...

Merisi said...

Magnificent treasure,
incredible how it survived all those centuries!

Merry Christmas to you,

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