Friday, February 1, 2008

February 1, St. Brigid's Feast Day

Today marks a day of honoring and blessing of St. Brigid, my patron saint.  She was known for her generosity, her hospitality and love of art.  It is said that at her abbey in Kildare, a fire was tended by her nuns, and only women were allowed near it.  This fire is said to have been kept perpetually alight for nearly a thousand years after her death.  Notice the flame in the image at left.    

The following is a house-blessing to share, in honor of St. Brigid and her distinct cross made of rushes: 

"May God give His blessing to the house that is here.
God bless this house from roof to floor,
From wall to wall,
from end to end,
from its foundation and in its covering.

In the strong name of the Triune God
all evil be banished,
all disturbance cease,
captive spirits freed,
God's Spirit alone
dwell within these walls.

We call upon the Sacred Three
to save, to shield and surround
this house, this home,
this day, this night,
and every night."

Blessed St. Brigid, please intercede to Christ our God, for healing, peace and wisdom, Amen.


Fr. Andrew said...

We commemorated St. Brigid in our services on Thursday night and Friday morning. May God grant you many years!

(So, should I be communing you as "Brigid"?)

amy said...

Fr. Andrew,

Thank you for your comments and kind regard of speaking my saint's name @ Communion. And thank you for your blessings upon our house this day!


Delaney said...

thank you i have got all of the info i needed for my school's all saints day prade

amy said...

Hi Laney- thank you for taking the time to comment; glad I could help =-)

God Bless

Tia said...

This is lovley thankyou , I was looking for a prayer to say tomorrow with my husband and children , as we gathered rushed today to make our cross for over the door...we`ll say this tomorrow before homeschool , Godbless, Martina (Tia)

Anonymous said...

I'm a sixth-generation Brigid...each being born between 2/1 and 2/4, all named after Her. This is my favorite glad to see its still important to others as well! Blessed be, Brigid Ryan, Wisconsin

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