Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Real Beauty

I've just returned from my photographers' convention over the weekend; what fun!! The professional photographers of West Virginia (PPWV) meet for spring and fall conferences each year where we enjoy print competitions, fellowship, classes, networking and the like.  I always take away knowledge that helps me to grow as a photographer ...as a human being.

I took several classes from photographers much more experienced than myself, including Ellie Vayo from Cleveland, OH.  She's been in the business for over 20 years and was stating what a change she's seen in young girls over the years, regarding their figures and self-esteem.  'I'll be glad when the stick figures on the run-way are out-dated', to paraphrase one of her statements about the fashion industries' use of gaunt, anorexic-looking models.   Ellie says she now sees high school girls coming in, with visible bones protruding just below the neck.

This is the effect our culture is having on our young generations.   This is what happens when girls define themselves by the world's standards.

In an effort to buck that trend, Ellie incorporates the themes from Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty when she has the opportunity to speak to young girls.     Please take a moment to view the link below, it's a very quick film that shows from start to finish how these cover girls achieve 'the look'. 
I salute the efforts of Ms. Vayo and my friend, Dana Kees, who work to shatter the false images our culture has given our kids.

May God bless our future generations and grant us the wisdom to teach them their worth in His precious eyes.

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