Monday, February 25, 2008

Ancient Rhythms

There is a place where musical sounds and rhythms meet something deeply spiritual inside...something ancient and old..something that has been there and is awakened upon the hearing.

This is a video I discovered not long ago on You Tube when searching for my favorite Scottish band, Albannach. As far as I know this is an amateur video, but very well done! There's something about the sound, the pipe & drum, that enfolds me... it brings a joy and connection that I find difficult to accurately describe. I asked a Native American friend once, "What is it about the rhythm of the drums that grabs me so?" She replied, "They go with the beat of your heart ...they are a natural rhythm and your heart is your life so they can seem haunting and engage you."

Several members of Albannach are former members of Clan An Drumma, whom I've had the pleasure of seeing on several occasions. During one performance, a ballad was sung in a heavy scottish accent with a fair measure of Gaelic thrown in. I didn't understand a word. And it gripped my soul, ushered forth tears until I felt like an idiot standing there all alone. It's a very similar experience to how some of the Arabic chants affect me at church....

Nemo me impune lacessit!

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