Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Where the Wild Things Are

I saw some amazing photographs while searching for images of the lunar eclipse we experienced a few weeks ago.  Much to my disappointment, our area was too cloudy to see the night sky, much less attempt a photograph of that glowing moon in the heavens. That didn't keep my husband and I from going outside every 15 min. or so to see what the clouds might unveil.

Even so, our night was not without mysterious wonder.

It happened when I took Shiloh, our young dog, out for her evening routine.  The sky was blotted with intermittent shadows by the restless clouds and the moon kept fading from sight.  As is her custom, nose to air and eyes toward the forest, she sniffed the dense night air. For an unusually long time she stood still as a statue.   Waiting, listening...and then we heard it.  What started as a low call from the depths of the forest, crescendoed into a howl that made my hair stand on end.  At once, Shiloh lowered her head, tucked her tail and beckoned to me with her eyes “let’s go inside now”.

As we came into the kitchen, I stayed at the half-opened back door for a bit, peering into the darkness at the hill behind our house, hoping for a glimpse of long gray fur to reveal our guest.   The soft wail came again, a lament it seemed...much softer the second time around.    How fitting that she chose such a night to sing her song.

Ah well, we'll see a lunar eclipse again in a few more years.  I am glad to  finally have a voice to put to the small furry face of the coyote we saw last month.  What beauty, what wildness is waiting to be discovered just outside my door.


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