Monday, January 19, 2009

Hats off to the Steelers!

What an amazing game last night!  I hope to see the Steelers go all the way to Super Bowl victory =-)  Troy Polamalu made an impressive showing on the field against the Ravens, but did you know he is also an Orthodox Christian?  In an age where we have more news stories about star athletes serving time for  lawless behaviour, it was refreshing to find a Yahoo! Sports interview with Mr. Polamalu at Mind in the Heart blog.


Rich said...

Here is to the Arizona Cardinals!

No, I am not a huge Cardinals fan, but I like to cheer for the underdog. So, while I am glad that the Steelers won over the Ravens, I would like to see the Cards take it all.


amy said...

Boo Hisss ;-)

May the best team win and may the officiating be accurate!!!

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