Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Never Quit

My daughter is home from school today with a tummy virus.  We've spent some time working on her skills telling time and reading and then she needed to lay down to rest.  When I asked her if she wanted to watch a movie, mentioning some of our favorites, Cinderella, Little Bear and Bug's Life, she said, "How 'bout the Giant movie?"  

She meant "Facing the Giants" , a film that we discovered several months ago and have watched as a family on several occasions.  It's a Christian film, from an evangelical mindset of a high school football coach's struggle to win, in life and on the field.  It's a great story with themes to warm and encourage the heart no matter your denomination.

I'm posting my favorite scene below:


Barbara Martin said...

This video doesn't warm my heart particularly towards perseverance of working towards a goal, though I understand the symbolism of staying with Christ or working through a problem. Every person who has a life threatening illness or some truly tragic event in their life has to strive to move forward; and in moving forward to think about others around them.

My thoughts of the young teenager straining down the field brought initial thoughts of damaging muscle and tendon strains that would prove to cripple him later in life. Despite the symbolism potential injury lawsuits loom.

amy said...

Thank you for your comments Barbara.

It would be my hope that potential lawsuits or even physical harm would not hinder perseverance when Truth is at stake.

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