Monday, January 3, 2011

Reflections and New Year

My friend, Craig, with his 10 That Were “Worth It” in 2010 inspired me to take note of my highlights from 2010 and goals to climb toward in 2011.

In no particular order...some happy memories for me from 2010:

1 - Spending time with mom on St. Patrick’s Day. Watching QVC’s St. Paddy’s special, going through her memory album from her trip to Ireland with Dad in 2001, having tea and sharing lots of laughs was so worth the time!

2 - Our family’s vacation from August, dubbed the “Hottest Cities Tour”, visiting Cincinnati & seeing the Reds play, Lexington Horse Park to take in the “A Gift from the Desert” exhibit detailing the history of the Arabian horse (marvelous!) , down to Asheville, NC to visit America’s castle, the Biltmore, detouring past my alma mater in Virginia...just a great time together and what did the kids most enjoy? the hotel pools of course!

3 - Watching our son develop as a catcher during baseball season & earning three home-runs. I love his intensity for the sport and am glad to see his humility, too. Time spent on the ball field is always worth it. Equally happy to see daughter take a step out from under mom's wing and go out for cheerleading! This has been a big step toward self-confidence & I appreciate the atmosphere of fun that her coach inspires.

4 - The Icon Festival held at our church in the fall. It was an honor to see the talents of several iconographers, learn the history of some very ancient icons and visit with our friends from Holy Cross Monastery. It was especially nice to meet & talk with iconographer, Cheryll Ann Pituch.

5 - Getting back into my exercise groove & setting my health as a priority. It feels GREAT to be walking/hiking again. The side bonus is that during the holidays, the kids joined me on these excursions ...time well spent.

6 - Listening to Rocket Boys, Billy Rose and Roy Lee Cooke speak at the Clay Center in the spring. I took son out of school for this, as a surprise, since he’s a huge fan. Time so well spent.

7 - Visiting Grandfather Mountain with daughter. Every minute of exploring this awesome mountain and taking in the Highland Games with one whose company I adore was a gift. A bonus was becoming acquainted with Mr. Harris Prevost.

8 - Read aloud time with the children. This quality time brings me so much pleasure and I like to think they enjoy it, too. Favorite books from 2010 were Three Cups of Tea (the young readers edition), Father Herman / Alaska’s Saint, The Boy, a Kitchen and His Cave and The Miracle of Saint Nicholas.

9 - Celebrating St. Brigid’s Day at home ...talking about her life with the family at dinner time, serving up boxty pancakes, beacán bruithe and Irish tea, and weaving Brigid’s cross out of pipe-cleaners with the wee ones.

10 - Going to the Greenbrier with hubby to celebrate 18 years! It’s far too infrequent that we have time for just the two of us. This weekend in particular was golden in every way. I am thankful.

Goals for 2011:

* eat more natural foods & less processed stuff

* use my talents to enrich the life of someone else

* be more proactive and less reactive to stress in my life

* set limits on my daily activities, thereby balancing work/family time

* hike at least 3 x a week

* focus on my gallery art and related projects

* involve myself in the Teen SOYO education project: Purity, Virginity, Chastity

Blessings to you all for a healthy & happy 2011


elizabeth said...

Blessed New Year to you too! lots of blessings you have had... :)

Unknown said...

What a great year it has been and your sharing of 2010 is amazing. I love the Biltmore, and the Rocket Boys are and were very cool indeed!!

Here's to another amazing year!!

xo Gab

E.B. said...

I enjoyed reading your highlights and your goals are sensible and inspiring. Have a blessed New Year, and your family as well.

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