Wednesday, October 23, 2013

the Facebook Fast

I used to feel THIS way about Facebook:

You know, all warm and fuzzy and sipping my cup o joe and looking at the photos posted by my friends...laughing, ooing and ahhing at peeps who are venting anger, "tellin' it like it is"...clicking my "likes" to let others know 'hey!  I agree with you!'...  or finding those rare gems of theological discussion/debate that I could put my .02 into.  

Lately, I feel THIS way about Facebook:

 You know, icky and disturbed at the plethora of statuses  - stati? , the images and news shared.  The news that makes me spend countless hours reading related articles to determine the veracity.  The constant ads (why does facebook want me to hook up with singles in my area?  don't they know I'm married?)...the waste of time and then to realize that - I - am a part of that at some level.  I mean, don't I post stuff to boost my ego?   to see how many peeps will "like" what I say?    Ugh.      

The longer I stay away, the less I want to return.  So, I'm doing the Facebook fast.   It's having a positive effect on me spiritually -- and, by turning my attention here, where I can sit quietly and pound out my thoughts in a therapeutic way, that beneficial effect is doubled.    

I've been checking in every few days to see if I have a private message on FB, but that's it.    So, for the few peeps who read this, you know where to find me ; ' )   

Blessings to you as you find your own peace and resources for spiritual growth! 

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