Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Sex is Sacred: the Soft Path of Tolerance

“Christians are so condemning!  I hate their intolerance towards homosexuals and transgender people.  They are supposed to be a religion of LOVE and yet, they are the most critical people in America.  Why can’t they just live and let live?   It is US, the non-religious and open-minded Christians who welcome these souls into our loving embrace.  We care about them.  We understand them.  We want them to feel loved and accepted and we will stand before them with a shield in the face of such ignorant chastisement.  We care about such injustice as shown by narrow-minded so-called followers of Christ.” ~ Spirit of our Age
Fascinating to note that those who prescribe their branded morality appeal to a sense of justice unquestioned. To “love” undefined.   If justice stands as a pillar to a morally sound civilized culture, does it not beg the question of origin? Atheists and secular humanists loathe to contemplate the trivial matters of definitions and paradigms.  
What does it mean to love our neighbor anyway?  Spirit our our Age riding on his black horse says with a swing of the sword, it means to “harm none” (by his definition of harm), to mind your own business , to refrain from judgement (by his definition of judgement) and believe truth is relative. And the only Absolute Truth is that there are no absolutes.  It embraces sinfulness in the name of Tolerance.  Loving means standing for nothing and accepting everything.
How vastly different to glimpse love as defined by God: selfless, patient, kind, long-suffering...true love would lay down it’s life to protect another.  Love upholds Truth.  Jesus Christ is the supreme example of love, as He illustrates time and again in Holy Scripture, when he heals the lame and restores the broken...and yes, even as he condemns hypocrisy and criticizes the righteous.  He showed love when he turned over the money-changing tables in the temple because the sacredness of God’s house was being defiled.  Christ never rejoiced in sin; on the contrary, He came to free people from sin. Remember His words after he healed, restored, forgave?   “Go and sin no more”.
Fast forward some two-thousand years to see the freedom loving culture of America in struggle over what it means to love, to hate and to judge.  Our government has officially proclaimed its love of sin and destruction by legislating morality in the name of “progressiveness”.  Definitions of life, marriage, tolerance and hate are being morphed into products of the state;  how surprising to see the willingness of proclaimed followers of Christ to embrace the Spirit of our Age. My theory is that too few Christians actually know how to defend their faith... fewer still who care.
To take a page out of Ravi Zacharias’ book, I would ask those supporters of same-sex marriage to tell me why it would be wrong to alter a person’s race.  What has one to do with the other you ask?  One idea is “bad” but the other is “good”... What is so inherently wrong about Hitler’s notion to create a super race?  It has everything to do with a little word embracing a cathedral size meaning:  Sacred.

A person’s race is sacred.  To defile that would be akin to blaspheming God, as a person is created by God with His divine Image upon him.  Likewise, to the orthodox Christian, indeed, to mankind, sex is sacred.  It is a blessed gift of God between a man and women in holy matrimony;  anything that deviates from that is to profane a gift of holiness.  The union between a husband and wife in marriage is a rare gemstone in American society; it resides on the opposite end of the spectrum from the grossly amputated sex culture. In all forms --from using long legs and cleavage to sell a product to the deviant and violent porn industry, each semblance of tickling our collective fancy - in reality- serves to deaden our senses, weaken our spirit and lead us away from the purity and blessedness of heaven.  It is the difference between solid gold and a cracker jack prize. The trinket appearing as gold, the soft path seeming right, madness manifesting sanity, these are the ways of malevolent demons.
I wonder, with America’s embrace of the transgender movement, shall we next see surgeons altering bodies to satisfy the anorexic?  Because a person believes in their mind in one way -- the biology must follow, eh?   This is the fallacious - the dangerous- reasoning of our age.  I wonder how far away the medical community is from aiding bestiality tendencies?  and the government from sanctioning the pedophilia populace.   After all, our natural born inclinations provide the grounds for morality, right?   Only where man is god and the soft path of tolerance is walked by those who should be guardians of Truth.
Does it matter to Christians what Christ actually said and did?  Or are we looking for a christianity that fits our own belief system?  Do the souls of our brothers and sisters on this earth really matter to us?  What if I told you that transgendered people have a suicide rate 20 times higher than non-transgendered people?  We need to decide if we are going to proclaim Christ and Him crucified or be accepted by popular culture.
We can justify to ourselves whatever we want to believe... but the real question is, can you defend it rationally, on the bedrock of God, the Author of this world? 

Are you prepared to give a reason for the hope you have in Christ?  1 Peter 3:15

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