Monday, July 30, 2007

Donkeys, Emus and Chickens, Oh my!

Isn't she adorable?

I was recently welcomed at Treworlas Farm in Beckwith, WV to capture some images of the adorable, the furry ...the exotic and exceedingly happy animals living there. What fun!!

I met many miniature donkeys along with their foals, countless varieties of chickens and their broods, emus, black swans, Percherons, goats and a few cows that I've not seen in any zoo, let alone in West Virginia. It was a wonderful opportunity and I wish I'd had more time to spend that morning.

As I wandered about, making my way through the fields to follow the little donkey herd, I heard a distinct bass-sounding noise: "rummm...rummm....rummm" something akin to Tolkien's Ents, I imagine. I couldn't figure it out, so chalked it up to some distant machinery laboring away. The strange thing was, however, that wherever I went, the noise was sure to follow, or stay just ahead of me. Weird.

The Percherons were the most enormous horses I've ever stood beside. At 18 h., it's a good thing they are truly gentle giants. In order to tend to their feet, Arthur, the farrier, has to put the horse in a stock to secure them. This contraption looks medieval, but is a God-send to those who must diligently trim and shoe these gigantic hooves.

A while later, as I was chatting with Arthur's assistant, he mentioned being intrigued with the attentive emu walking around in the pasture with the mini donkeys. He said, "I love the sound they make,'s really cool". I asked, "What do you mean? I haven't heard a peep from him. "Well, they kind of sound like a bass drum ...a very low vibration made in their throat I think." I got a good chuckle from that! So, was the emu following me around the whole time.

The chickens, well...chickens in general have never impressed me much, even less as a subject to photograph. But I've been missing out- I may even attempt a fine art print out of the images from Treworlas Farm! ha ....there is such a variety of poultry living there. This little fellow really caught my eye:

Treworlas Farm left a wonderful impression; a most serene and joyful place. I hope to go back again, especially in the spring when the babies will be born.

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