Tuesday, August 7, 2007

PatriArts: Art from an illumined heart

If I could take on yet another hat, it would be that of art agent. I visualize having a studio/gallery and collecting the works of my favorite artists for all to enjoy. My list is small at present. I would include the beautiful handmade jewelry of Angie Olami, Anita Gallagher and Trudie Wohlman, the paintings and recordings of Marium Bria, the creative works of Arnold Friberg and Terry Isaac, the music of James Bitz and most recently added to my list, Patricia Banker, of PatriArts.

PatriArts is where I first learned of “Anachrons”, which is a word derived from “icon” and “anachronism”. I was searching for an icon of St. Ita, my daughter’s patron saint. Paintings of this saint are not easy to come by! At last, through google, I found an image, a very lovely painting of this dear saint (see image left). It was perfect for my daughter’s room. A beautiful image for her to gaze upon with rich symbols and celtic text to give a daily reminder of how St. Ita loved and devoted her life to God.

I don’t know Patricia personally, but after spending over an hour looking at all the artwork she has to offer ~ illuminated manuscripts, painted tiles, greeting cards, jewelry, bookmarks, posters, anachrons ~ I know I have found not just a talented artist, but a kindred spirit.

If you are searching for a truly unique gift inspired from Christian history or folk legends, I think you’ll enjoy perusing what PatriArts has to offer.

Thank you, Patricia, for sharing your talents and may God grant you many years!

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