Tuesday, September 30, 2008

St. Brigid's Church is Saved

A few weeks past, hubby & I were channel surfing one evening and landed on a PBS show about St. Brigid’s Church in NY, New York.  Naturally, this story captured my attention.   We only caught the last 15 minutes, but it seemed a notable account worth investigating, as this is an historic church in NY due its role during the Great Famine in Ireland.  

Constructed by Irish immigrants during the 1840’s, St. Brigid’s Church became a haven for the burgeoning Irish citizenry, not only for receiving the sacraments, but to restore a sense of community and “home” for these new immigrants.  Apparently, over the past century, as the Irish population declined, revenue fell and, in recent years, the parish was slated for closure and demolition.  A few remained true to their home church and fought the closure.  

Miraculously, in May of this year, an anonymous donor came forward with $20 million to save St. Brigid’s Roman Catholic Church.

I’m glad I caught the story;  as much to see the joy in the parishioner’s faces, as to know that a beautiful church, a holy place with rich history is saved from destruction.   And, it’s no small thing to know of someone out there who seeks to give generously to those in need, while shunning recognition and gratitude of any sort.

Read the New York Times article.

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