Thursday, November 20, 2008

Eating my words...

...never tasted so good.  On Sunday afternoon of this week my daughter & I were attending an artist reception in Beckley, WV.  We were both delighted to see so much snow on the ground up there!  I even commented to several guests how much we enjoyed the drive, to see the snow on the mountains since we never have much accumulation at our house in the valley.   

On Tuesday morning we awoke to a spectacular sight of fresh snow at our place!  The kids wasted no time in going outdoors to play in it since school was cancelled.  And on Wednesday morning, while driving the kids to school, it felt as if we were journeying through God's treasure box.  My photo doesn't really do the scene justice, as there were such beauties in the trees.  Smooth droplets of ice adorned the tree limbs like diamonds and the brilliant blue sky smiled on our wonder as we made our way through Glen Ferris.


Clayton said...

Amy- that is sooooo beautiful!

amy said...

Ah! thank ya!

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