Monday, July 27, 2009

Literary Critters?

"What's that racoon, mommy?"

My 8 year old daughter was working at her little desk beside me, when she uttered this question very quietly. I got up from my desk and walked over to look at her artistic creations displayed across her work space.

“What’s that, honey? What did you say?”

“That racoon...I am trying to remember it because I want to put it on this paper.”

Completely confused, I just stood there looking at her colorful papers, the cut-outs, the glitter, the stickers, looking for some clue as to what she meant. The only thing I could think of was a conversation we had recently:

“The racoon? Do you mean the little racoon that Aunt Jenny raised years ago? Are you doing a story about it? Her name was “Cootie”.

Frustrated at my lack of understanding, her irritated voice said, “No ...not that. The racoon! You know, those words.... I’m trying to remember if it’s seven five seven or five seven five. “

My mind was searching, trying to focus on those key words... five, seven , five..hmm

“Oh! You mean a haiku! “

Her face beamed. “Yes! That’s it! Is it five, seven, five?”

“Yes, it’s five syllables, then seven, then five.”

I smiled, happy with myself for solving the puzzle and relieving her frustration...and even happier to read her creativity:

Joy to you and me!

Springtime is the best of all!

Snowflakes fall down fast!

She inspired me to write one of my own:

Sweet evening sunshine

It must be a blessed cure

For sorrows untold

Racoon portrait is by Ryan Berkley


margaret said...

I like hers best :)

And I never did like the word 'haiku' so I think I will be calling them racoons in future.

margaret said...

I've realised why I like your daughter's 'racoon', it reminds me of Colorado and celebrating my birthday four days after the spring equinox in four feet of snow!

My email is nadiamargaret[at]yahoo[dot]com and I will be reading the link you gave me today.

amy said...

Excellent =-)

And, thanks for the email Margaret! Hope you have a lovely weekend.

E.B. said...


GretchenJoanna said...

I am happy I stumbled upon your blog and the happy new western name for haiku. Unforgettable. Thank you for sharing this story.

margaret said...

Have you seen this poem about St Brigid?

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