Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Fun Theory

This was just too delightful not to pass on. The idea behind this Volkswagon initiative is that human behaviour may be changed by simply adding an element of fun.. .=-)

Check out more entries - or submit your own! - to this international contest at The Fun


Anonymous said...

Dear Amy, I loved this! The video is shot in Stockholm, Sweden's capital. It feels good to see my fellow swedes play like that. We are such a serious and stressed-up nation. But there is obviously some innocence and childishness left somewhere on the inside...

The video with the dust bin also comes from Sweden.

I appreciate your blog. / Helena

amy said...


Always so nice to read your comments and gain your perspective. This experiment was so fun to see played out... I often take the stairs anyway, but this idea would have me lingering on them for quite a while!

Rich said...

Thanks for the video. Very instructive (and fun!), and even more so about life in general.

Blessings, Amy.


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