Thursday, April 8, 2010

This is what I love about West Virginians...

As many of you probably know, there's a lot of heartache here, right now, in southern WV due to the mine explosion that took 25 lives. The rescue operation is currently ongoing in hopes of finding the 4 remaining miners alive.

In the midst of such pain, the notorious Westboro Baptist Church of Kansas has scheduled a protest at our state capital as well as near the mine site. In case you're unaware, this is the group that protests at US soldiers' funerals, believing that God is punishing the USA because of homosexuality. Here's a shot from their latest hate filled protest:

I was happily surprised... although, not completely, because I know my fellow West Virginians to be some of the most hospitable and compassionate people on the planet, when I read this:

"Charleston Flashmobbers Prepare to outdo Westboro Baptist Church"

In a hastily put-together 'anti-hate' display, hundreds of people were organized at the sites of the Westboro groups in order to counter them, to respond to their hate-filled tactics with love, with celebration and dancing. Yes, dancing.

You've got to see the video:

And, in other areas of our capital city, the anti-hate groups, out-chanted, out-maneuvered, and in essence, shut-out the voices and displays of Westboro Baptist Church.



Bro. Steve said...

The Westboro cult is a nasty bunch. It's hard to believe nobody has, er, DONE something to any of them yet. Their gloating over dead soldiers and marines is eventually going to create some blowback.

Bro. Steve

Kerry said...

Thanks for posting this. I thought those awful people had quietly disappeared. I'm sorry to see that they would come to a disaster site and demonstrate. Perhaps the shoe will someday be on the other foot.

I know we should pray for them, but it is hard. Can I pray for them to experience hate they way they hate others?

Anyway - God bless those counter-demonstrators!

Unknown said...

I was not only one of the flash mob dancers, but protested at the rally against hate, which quietly and peacefully, while standing on the side of love showed those who live here and those who came to be hateful, that we are a group who come together no matter who we are to show we love.

Thank you for this post!!!!


Tess Kincaid said...

Thank God their hate was drowned by love.

Alana said...

Totally unrelated to your excellent post: Where can I get a linky for Ancient Faith Radio to put on my blog, like what you have. I looked on AFR website and could not find it. Thanks.

DebD said...

I'm so glad to see the WV has come up with a fun counter-demonstration. The Westboro "church" is utterly mindboggling in their hatred.

margaret said...

Boggling is the word. Last time I was in the US they were on tv desecrating some poor boy's funeral. I could not imagine how dreadful it must have been for his parents. I think the Flashmobbers are a great idea - I hope it cottons on and everywhere the Westboro people go they're met with dancing and singing.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to the WVians for their spirit. Mercy always triumphs over judgment. Shame on the Westoboro folks. It's frightening to think how wrong we can be, even as we think we're serving God. Like St. Paul before the Road to Damascus. We all need some of that blinding Light to set us straight. Thanks for the post.

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