Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Christ is in our midst, wherever we shall go...

View from Long Point, in the New River Gorge

I should seriously consider renaming this blog, since “Daily” hardly describes my time here. Sigh. Thanks for checking in, anyway. It does my heart good to know this blog is still finding its way in the search engines and can offer some words to people looking for prayers, scripture, or something about the lives of a saint. That is an answered prayer.

This blog is never far from mind though, even in my busiest times I am weaving words together in my mind to share here at a later date. One such occasion was a few months ago, during May as I was on location photographing members from a blue-grass band. The photo shoot - gleefully - took me out to one of my favorite spots in West Virginia: Long Point.

Long Point is accessed by a 40 min. hike into the New River Gorge, eventually arriving at an awesome outcropping of rock and wind-swept tenacious shrubs and evergreens. The view from Long Point is spectacular, with a full-length, unimpeded view of the New River Gorge Bridge in the distance and the New River winding its way through the narrow gorge over 800 feet below. It's a place of inspiration and natural beauty - and, to be able to go to this place and work, well... I feel blessed indeed!

We arrived at Long Point just as the sun rose over the Appalachian Mountains... a glorious morning, with a gentle fog lifting slowly out of the gorge like soothing wafts of incense stretching upward to heaven. It was sheer bliss and I relished the idea of coming back again and again just to sit and watch the dawning of day. How can anyone witness such a singular moment and not see the Creator’s Hand?!

Rhododendron, West Virginia's State Flower

Add to this euphoria my love of photography and the excellent people I was working with and you have a morning that went way too fast. Upon our hike to and from Long Point, I enjoyed the conversation of my companions and realized I was in the company of those who love and serve God. It dawned on me, not for the first time, that where I go, Christ goes... there is no secular society where believers are.

Christ is in our midst; He is and ever shall be!


Rich said...

Good thoughts, Amy! Beauty of the landscape and Christian fellowship. And bluegrass musicians on top of that!

The insight that Christ in us (Gal 4:19) helps us get away from the Reformed/Evangelical understanding of secular - spiritual divide. As Lutherans we teach the two kingdoms approach which means we see ourselves as in both kingdoms simultaneously.

Tess Kincaid said...

Beautiful thoughts and photos. I've been on a bit of a bloggy break myself. Welcome back!

Unknown said...

I love Long Point and the New River Gorge in general is beautiful, the picture you posted is beautiful. I love what you share whenever you share it...thank you for being on my journey!!!

xoxo Gabi

margaret said...

What a gorgeous rhodedendron.

And if it's being read daily then the title is still good even if it's only written occasionally :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos! While attending college, we used to drive out to New River Gorge for climbing trips. The place felt like a piece of heaven to me. Your post fills me with a longing to go there again.

amy said...

It is heart-warming to read your comments! Thank you for sharing your thoughts here =')

and, Margaret, you've eased my conscience...

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