Friday, July 30, 2010

Random Acts of Flowers

I have my friend and mentor, Clayton Spangler, to thank for this wonderful story about artist, Andrea LaHue, and her "random acts of flowers project" in leaving a mark of loveliness upon our Capital City, Charleston, WV. I could use a dose of this type of news everyday.

Look for beauty, find beauty.

Please check out his blogpost to read the full story and see his colorful photographs.


margaret said...

I just love that... Random Acts of Flowers.

Sometimes I feel like sprinkling wild flower seeds on desolate bits of land, perhaps I will now.

margaret said...

And while I'm here I think Clayton Spangler is a grand name. One of my fiances was an Alan Spangler but that doesn't have the ring of Clayton, not at all. Say congrats to your mentor for me for the best Real Person name I've heard in ages.

amy said...

Consider it done. =-)

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