Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Gospel in Chairs

A concise video by fellow blogger, Steve Robinson, illustrating general differences between a common Protestant view of salvation and an Orthodox view of salvation.

I found this very interesting, mostly because Steve's words on the Orthodox view included events from the Bible that I've thought about, but not in light of our salvation. And, with an understanding of the Calvinist view in particular, it's a good explanation of what faces us in
a study of Genesis, and original sin, from these two different paradigms:

Either God abandoned His "wholly defiled" creation as stated in the Westminster Confession of Faith, ( chapter 6 article 2) until the Advent of Christ to atone for our sin,


He loves us so much that not only did He never abandon mankind, but has throughout history, beckoned us near for the restoration of our soul twisted by sin.

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