Friday, April 22, 2011

Holy Week...and Jumping off the FB Wheel

I might lament the fact that so many of my brethren are being blessed by church services during Holy Week since I cannot go due to distance and time factors, but such is not the case. God’s blessings & grace come to us in a variety of ways and I am thankful for each of them.

This Lenten season has brought my family closer in many ways; we have strived to keep the fast, to be prayerful and disciplined in asking for spiritual growth and guidance. My husband brought to the dinner table one evening a book he had put together from pages found online -- a study of Proverbs. What a great opportunity this has been for us to use our short time together around the table to delve into God’s Word, to bring our children an understanding of wisdom, knowledge & God’s guidance for our lives.

I will admit that I find keeping the fast quite difficult and so, I do what I can in giving up those things I love to eat or indulge in. One evening recently I was reminded in a profound way of how fasting strengthens our spirit: I had experienced a challenging day, been the recipient of cruel words and struggled to maintain my composure. I felt hurt and emotionally drained. By evening, when I arrived home, I wanted nothing more than to unwind by relaxing on the couch with a good book and glass of wine. But with hubby out-of-town and school the next day, there were chores to do, children who needed help with home-work and bath time and, and.... no time for self-indulgence.

Forsaking my comfortable indulgences, I went to our prayer corner and prayed: “Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me, a sinner. God help me...I feel drained and angry and hurt. I give all this as a sacrifice to you ...for I know that Your strength is made perfect in my weakness. Please help me through this evening... I am tired and have so much else to do. Help me to be a good mother, a peaceful woman... help me to shut the door on anger and walk the high road. Guide me to Thy peace. In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Amen.”

It may seem trivial, as we all have such days, but it’s no small thing that God restored my spirit in those evening hours. I was given the energy to do all the necessary chores and most blessedly, I was given peace - the kind that passes all understanding - which resulted in reconciliation from the earlier conflict that day. Nothing less than amazing, given my quick temper. It was the grace of God.

† † †

I never consciously decided to give up Facebook. I still have my account and receive messages, but I’ve learned that the longer I stay away, the less inclination I have to return. I view it now more like a Rolodex rather than a social meeting place; it was becoming to me something akin to a personal National Enquirer, a gauntlet to run in order to find the few tid-bits I really wanted to read. I really don’t need the chaos of ads, games, and other voices screaming in the marketplace...I want quiet, mindful stuff. I want to live purposefully and as unplugged as possible. I don’t want to miss the quiet voice of God each day.

That’s what I’m working toward..and by the grace of God, that is what this Lenten season has brought to me. As my life reflects more of the light of Christ, by His mercy, that light will reach others.

Praise God for all things †

A blessed Pascha to all of you dear readers!

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GretchenJoanna said...

A Blessed Pascha to you, too!
This was a good story and post to read today. I've been able to go to a lot of Holy Week services, but I have to miss a few crucial ones... I'm aiming not to miss the Big Event at midnight!

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