Saturday, April 2, 2011


Gratitude taps on my shoulder unexpectedly sometimes. I mean, there are times when it naturally accompanies me - or the family - such as prayer before a meal or when the power finally comes back on. Or the times when the children demonstrate they really have been listening and use their manners unprompted. Such moments bring an easy smile and appreciation.

When Gratitude sneaks up on me and squeezes my heart till I think it’s going to burst... well, those are times worth remembering because it brings the perspective I should have every day.

Such was the case on Friday while doing laundry. I had just hung my son’s jeans on the clothesline when an unbidden wave of emotion swiftly crashed over me. My mind shifted gears and went from the never ending to-do list to ...this, this simple chore is a gift...she might love to be doing this now..for her behold the clean scent of freshly laundered clothes...and think of the child who will be wearing them.

The preceding day, my husband had told me about a colleague whose wife was in need of much prayer...of a miracle. She has been diagnosed with a rare and aggressive brain cancer. When a radical surgery was about to take place, it was discovered the cancer had spread beyond the initial assessment ..and so the surgery was halted immediately. Now she faces exploratory procedures and chemotherapy. They have two small children and will be away from them at least a month during this next phase. Even though I don’t know her personally, the news was sad & shocking and we’ve been praying for Calah ever since.

I should never complain about the cross I bear, for many others carry so much more. There is joy at the heart of life... in living simply and being thankful for all things. The seemingly ordinary events of the day are made magnificent by gaining the right perspective... and walking humbly with Gratitude.

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Sasha said...

Those moments are precious. How do I keep that attitude? those open eyes?...

I sometimes feel the same just looking at my kids, when they're intensely happy or sad. I feel happy and thankful for having them - and then a huge paranoia worrying something really bad might happen to them, they are so small and too weak to defend themselves... I guess my trust that they're being cared for is far from complete, that's the sad truth. Lord help us.

GretchenJoanna said...

It's a gift even to be able to get that good perspective, and the gratefulness that no matter how hard the work, it's always better than having no work to do, or not being able to serve the ones we love. Thank you for sharing your gift!

Faff said...

A very touching story. I'm househusband looking after a very lively two year old boy, I've just had to pause typing while he climbed up me and bounced on my chest, and there are times he's so tiring I forget what a blessing he is. Thank you for reminding me.

Unknown said...

Excellent reminder of what sort of things should prompt our gratitude.

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