Monday, July 18, 2011

Three Thoughts

Three thoughts for my dear readers --

1) Thanks for continuing to check in, even during my absences! Knowing that you visit encourages future posts.

2) A blog worth your time: Holy Protection

In my time in the blogosphere, I realize I've been mostly drawn to read the blogs of other Orthodox moms & dads, the insightful words of priests and khourias, but not so much the writings of our younger generation. No reason for that really... but I see I've been missing out.
How refreshing to see the creativity, the zeal and faithfulness of young Orthodox Christians. This blog has 9 contributors and offers thought-provoking content, not the least of which has been a view of christian activity on college campuses. Please check them out & keep them in your prayers †

3) Last, but certainly not least, I hear you friends. My next entry will be to finish my series on Women's Health. Thank you for the mail and concern...I'm with you, ladies.

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