Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Music of Marium Bria

Let me share with you my multi-talented friend, Marium Bria. She is a photographer, a painter, a writer, and well as a wife and mother of three. She's told me on occasion that her talents are a curse because they're always pulling her in different directions, but from my view all I see is pure gifts and perseverance. I first mentioned Marium's talents on this blog in 2007; I am so delighted that she's recorded her first CD, simply titled, "Marium Bria".

The cd contains 10 tracks, all written by Marium; all vocals and instrumentation by her as well. Her sound is soft and evocative, her lyrics often reminiscent of days gone by and the innocence of love. My favorite is "Great Big World". I can't help but compare her sound to one of my other favorites, Norah Jones. Marium may get tired of hearing that, but I can't think of a higher compliment. Her family is blessed to hear such music at home, now the rest of the world can enjoy it, too. I'm so proud of you, girl!

Check out her website, where you can read her bio, hear some of the tracks and purchase the cd: Marium Bria

Glory to God for all things †

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Anonymous said...

Talented friend! And very busy I'm sure. I raised 4 kids myself. They are all out of the house now except one and I sure am enjoying the time to further my art pleasures. Thanks for sharing, I'll go listen!

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