Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Izzy Update from her Mother

If you note some tension in my sister's words here, it's due to the fact that lies and misinformation persist on the internet regarding her daughter, Izzy.  I'm hoping those who continue to Google about Izzy will find themselves here to read the truth:

"Ok ~ Here it goes ~ Izzy is doing VERY WELL. She's going to school each week and walking with 2 legs like a pro. Not that it's anybody's business, but Izzy IS NOT getting hospice care nor has she been at the hospital recently. For those who didn't quite understand my post before ~ I'm gonna say it one more time ~ My Almighty God from up above is taking extremely good care of Me and My Daughter. Izzy has no tubes or IVs running through her, no doctors or nurses giving chemo, no wheelchairs to depend upon and no excuses to prevent her from living the life she wants to live. Each day the Lord takes her hand and gives her the strength, happiness, and faith she needs to lead a good life. Please don't destroy that by letting pure ignorance take over your mouth. Understand?!"  JC McManaway, Izzy's mother, posted on Facebook this evening, 12.20.2011

If you are one wishing to learn the truth, please share this with your message boards and community outreach groups.  Also, for those who have inquired about sending Christmas cards, thank you for your goodwill, but receiving 1,000,000 cards was never Izzy's request.  They currently have enough mail to go through for a year : )


Kathy said...

Hello, God bless you and your family and grant you a happy Christmas. I found this blog after reading about Izzy on FB. I would just like to take a moment to say that while I am sure being inundated by Christmas cards can be frustrating - please keep in mind that the vast majority of those cards were sent by people wishing the child well. Most likely the people who originally posted this article didn't mean any harm either. The internet reaches a lot of people and I'm sure those who were touched enough by this story to send a card were thinking only of offering compassion. Please forgive us for being so effusive.

amy said...

Hello Kathy and thank you for your kind words here. As I've mentioned in other comments on older posts here, we do appreciate the cards, we know the vast majority of people have all good intentions. The problem was with one of the messages attached to the request to send cards (and I have no idea where it came from) that said "Izzy was receiving hospice care, that this was to be her last Christmas and to please send cards". That is completely false and was very hurtful to read and have people ask us about in person.

Kathy said...

I'm sure that must have been very difficult to deal with as well as shielding Izzy from that sort of thing. Sometimes even well intentioned people can be thoughtless and cause more pain than pleasure. Let it be a lesson to all of us to think before we talk.

On the up side, it is rather miraculous that so many people moved to compassion by the story of a child. Very likely many people opened their hearts to the Lord who may not otherwise done so because of Izzy, so that's something. Many blessings. :)

amy said...

Amen and Amen!

In case you haven't yet read it, please look back to an older post titled, "Beholding a Tapestry of Miracles" to read about one such way God has reached others through Izzy's life...


Merry Christmas to you & your loved ones, Kathy †

margaret said...

Happy Christmas, Amy!

Dr. Jenn said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
I was one of the many who happily sent Izzy a Christmas card and thankfully the prompting article in a WV newspaper said nothing of Hospice or it being her last Christmas; only that when asked what she wanted for Christmas she said as many cards as she can get. It triggered a chain reaction that included such gracious acts of kindness as my neice's math class and friend's son's entire 4th grade class making and sending her Christmas cards, as well as my friends father's motorcycle club and several in his area collecting and sending over 1,000 alone. I certainly hope she enjoyed receiving all of them!
Out of curiosity, any rough idea of how many she received? I would love to share with the many people who wanted to help make a very special little girl smile!

amy said...

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you, too, Margaret!

Hello Dr. Jenn and thank you for the comments. Happy New Year to you as well! We appreciate the concern and care demonstrated by you and so many others. We haven't made an exact count of mail received, but it has poured in by the thousands, including packages, letters and cards -perhaps close to one million pieces of mail. They will be opening letters and cards well into the New Year.

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