Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Izzy's Christmas

Keep on Smilin'!
Izzy, Christmas 2011
What a fun time we all had this past Christmas!  Thanks to ALL of you out there across the globe who took the time to send a happy Christmas greeting to Izzy and her family!  As you may have read here previously, Izzy never actually made a request for a million Christmas cards, but she has enjoyed receiving them nonetheless.  We didn’t make an official count, but the cards came in by the thousands.  Our family divided them up between 3 households in order to open them all before Valentine’s Day.

Izzy especially loved the ones that had an animal on the card and we all enjoyed the handmade creations, ornaments, bracelets and other crafts.  A lady sent in one with a photo of her pet duck and her story and this made Izzy smile BIG : D  Other folks drew pictures or made puzzles for Izzy, sent coloring sheets and cards that played music...some sent money or gift cards or candy...the list of colorful creations and warm wishes seems almost endless!  

hand drawn creation

handmade card

Many schools sent stacks of cards and I was touched by the sentiments expressed by children.  Reading through those leaves no doubt as to why Christ says we must become as children or we’ll never enter heaven.  The faith and joy revealed through their words is incredibly uplifting and I know we’ll read these again and again through the years.    Of the relatively small portion of cards that my mom went through, over 20 states were represented as well as numerous countries, including Germany, Ireland, Korea, France, Israel, Afghanistan and Thailand.  She received warm wishes from a few famous people too, such as our former governor, now US Senator, Joe Manchin, the Pittsburgh Steelers, Justin Beiber and several women vying for Miss USA.   

Thanks again, for taking the time to bring cheer not only to Izzy, but the entire family. 

Izzy and her Uncle Will putting make-up on her doll
Izzy with her big sister on Christmas Eve 2011

Smokey...the new kitten at Izzy's house

In other news, our family celebrated Christmas like always, with a large gathering including lots of food, toys and laughter.  Even though I was disappointed not to have a white Christmas, the mild weather did allow us to visit the ice arena where Izzy put on ice skates for the first time....

Izzy at the ice arena over Christmas holiday 2011 

There’s nothing this kid can’t do ; ‘ )  

As always, we ask for your prayers above all else and wish everyone a very happy and healthy 2012!

Glory to God for all things †


Dianna Thompson said...

Thank you Amy so much for this update. Izzy is such an inspiration to all of us! May God to continue to bless you and your family. Keep Smiling!! We love you all.

Patty25840 said...

I am sure this is one of the most touching things I have read in a long time. I am thankful that Izzy has the family she does. You all are truely blessed. Take care and as always... prayers sent your way daily.

margaret said...

Great earrings!

amy said...

Thank you for the prayers!

LOL @ Margaret : ' ) you would love her collection...which, besides Rudolf includes oreo cookies and milk, safety pins, zippers, bumble bees and feathers..

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