Saturday, February 11, 2012

Kudos to Kylie!

I now have one more name to add to the short list: Kylie Bisutti.  In case you missed it, this beautiful young lady is even more gorgeous on the inside:  a woman standing in an international spotlight choosing to go against the stream and glorify God.  She has relinquished her contract with Victoria’s Secret because her career in modeling lingerie clashes with her Christian convictions to honor her husband with her body.  In at least one interview, she cited a poignant encounter with her 8 year old cousin as a turning point.  Kylie said her little cousin was watching her put on make-up and fix her hair one day and was admiring her.  The little one then remarked, "I think I'll stop eating so I can look like you.." and it broke Kylie's heart because she didn't want her little cousin to think this was the way to be beautiful.
God’s blessings to you, Kylie.  By the enormous strength you’re displaying, you will be influencing MORE young ladies to seek true beauty and worth in God’s sight.  What you’re doing now takes more guts, more hard work and endurance than winning that lucrative contract to wear the wings.
Case in point, dealing with this chaff: The Blemish. This anonymous writer for the Blemish is a prime example of a priest of the church of secular humanism.  Out of one side of his mouth, these liberal types will praise the famous who, under fire, will ‘buck the norm’ and come out about their homosexuality, and out of the other side, will tar and feather someone like Kylie for ‘bucking the norm’ for taking an unpopular stance because of Christ.   Your article embodies the hypocrisy of your ilk, being willing to consume women as a commodity for your insatiable pleasure.   I’d say, deep down, far removed from any news or web print, you men would be overwhelmed and humbled to experience the kind of devotion, love and honor that Kylie is showing to her husband in front of the world.
Kylie, may God grant you & your husband many, many joyful years.  You are an inspiration to millions!

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Rich said...

What a good, encouraging story, Amy. Thanks.

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