Friday, January 11, 2013

The Miraculous Child: A Book Review

The Miraculous Child: a Christmas Folktale from Old Russia 
A Book Review

Retold by Alvin Alexsi Currier
Illustrated by Nadezda Glazunova
Published by Conciliar Press
21 Pages, Softcover

We added this book to our shelves in 2010 at Christmastime and since then, it has become a family favorite.  The lively cadence of the story is as fun as the story of love, sacrifice and hospitality is memorable.   It’s an old tale that has passed through many generations, perhaps being told in various ways;  what a delight to read this version by Alvin Alexsi Currier.

The illustrations on each page, by Nadezda Glazunova, are whimsical, full of color and expression.  Her work complements the story at every turn and is sure to delight young children.

The Miraculous Child offers a heartwarming tale certain to be told throughout many more generations. It's probably intended for children ages 5-8 years, but the story encompasses lessons for children of all ages.  We have a teenager and a few adults who love this book at our house. 

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