Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Change of Headlines

I have a tendency to read too much.  I'm an info-junkie at heart, a true nerd who could easily spend a day at a library or book store.  The same is true when online, perusing the headlines of the day and reading way too much for far too many minutes hours.  
As so, it's little surprise that I am once again at a breaking point of overindulging on American media.  


People like me who are Type-A personalities, control-freaks, who rant and rave while pointing fingers at the injustices in this world,  who lay awake at night with thousands of anxious thoughts darting about,  well... Lord have mercy... we need to spend more time in prayer, meditation and reading Holy Scripture or the lives of the saints.

And even though I know this, have even written about it several times on this blog, my enemy still finds a way to probe my weakest points.  

So, I'm putting this out there for anyone else who overindulges on the web and has to unplug from time to time. (And to keep me accountable!)  Starting today, my headlines are changing.

No longer will I be indulging Yahoo's news headlines, the Drudge Report or even clicking on the news stories that my friend's post on Facebook.    My day will begin by reviewing the headlines at
Pravmir.com  and  Orthochristian.com   because my soul needs nourished and my brain needs some peace.

Our media is constant, immediate and sensationalized and with the effect that can have on our emotions , thought process and behavior, the question was put to me, "Is our exposure to all this information normal or natural?"

I don't think there's anything natural or healthy about consuming a steady stream of news that reminds me of how depraved humanity can be.  

God have mercy on me a sinner...Grant me O Lord to discipline my thoughts and guard the images and words that I put into my mind. 


Sasha said...

> My day will begin by reviewing the headlines at Pravmir.com and Orthochristian.com because my soul needs nourished and my brain needs some peace.

Be careful here: one can overdo reading the good things too - while neglecting other actions. I know that first-hand.

Also, I think it's st. Theophan the Recluse (but maybe another saint) who said: "you should be praying more than reading". So, as long as you spend more time in prayer than reading - keep reading. ;)

amy said...

Amen, Sasha :) I've learned that lesson, too..

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