Tuesday, September 3, 2013

An Open Letter to Dana Brunetti, E.L. James, et al

To Dana Brunetti, E.L. James, cast members and supporters of Fifty Shades of Grey, both in print and film:

I am just wondering if you are the same people who responded to the national news when Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight were freed from slavery?  Did you shed a tear over the inhumanity or did you pull up a seat, grab the popcorn and take notes for your thriller?  Are you aware that Ariel Castro was addicted to porn and sought to live out his sex fantasies on his victims?  

You represent the moral sewage of this nation, among others, who seek to glorify the dehumanization of our culture, our race.  Are you aware that we have over 200,000 American children being exploited through pornography and prostitution?  Are you aware that your "work" fuels the demand for men who pay to rape women and view children being sexually abused?  *

Perhaps you think the mighty dollar can cushion you from the ill effects of this global crime. Perhaps you do not have children that are "throw-aways", who are preyed upon by your fans.   Maybe you think it's simply giving people what they want -- that, after all, removes any moral conscience from you, eh?  

What a shame, Mr. Brunetti, that along your career path from Covington you chose to prostitute yourself to the world, giving to men what "they want to see" without any regard to those whose lives and spirits you are destroying. 

I hope your efforts fail.  I can only hope that sadism, sexual torture and all the vile images you wish to bring to the big screen will be rejected by people of conscience .... people who wish to bring light into this world.

* Shared Hope International

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