Saturday, September 11, 2010

Where Were You?

May the memories of those who died at the hands of terror 9 years ago today, be eternal.

I remember the day like it was yesterday. I had just taken our son to preschool and was on my way to pick up a few items at the grocery store. My mom was watching our infant daughter. I pulled over when the announcement came on the radio. I sat there alone in my truck by the side of the country lane, watching the sun stream through the forest, struck dumb by the words coming over the radio.

Where were you that day? I'd like to hear your story.

God bless those who serve to protect freedom.


Merisi said...

Only a few miles from downtown DC.
Blue skies in September still look threatening.

hill said...

Yes, may their memories be eternal.

It was fairly early in the school day (out West). I had juniors, and some of them started crying, one even hysterically.

I felt such a sinking feeling, horrified at what was transpiring.

Even now, I can't watch much of it. It just makes me too sick.

Clayton said...

I was going over an order with a cleint- antoher customer rushed up and said " A a plane has hit the tower" and then took off out the door in a panick- ( the first building- before the second was attacked) and I remember looking out against the mountain ( radio towers were located there) and seeing nothing, wondered what he had meant?
It was afer a phone call that I realized it was in new york and America was under attack!!
I streamed the news feed into the lab and we watched in horror and amazement as the images played over and over and over- I actually saw the second plane hit the second tower live on the news as they were showing a feed from the camera- OMG!!
it was overcast here that day- and after the "NO FLY" directive came down- we heard jets flying above tand thru the clouds -LOW!!!
I found out later that it was fighter jets protecting us- I live in the "Chemical Valley" in WV- and they were making sure this area didn't become a bio hazard- I never looked at skies and planes the same since- although I have flown post 911- it is never far from my mind.

margaret said...

I was working in the gynae unit at the old Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. I was in the secretaries' room and someone came in and said, "a plane crashed into the World Trade Centre, it was on the radio". We thought it was some little light aircraft perhaps and I gave it no further attention until I got home and my father had the television on and I saw through the glass doors into the lounge the plane going right into the tower. It was utterly surreal. I'll never forget it.

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