Thursday, September 16, 2010

Words of St. Innocent

Metropolitan of Moscow, Enlightener of the Aleuts and Apostle to the Americas, St. Innocent (1797-1879) is known for his great work as a missionary, linguist and scholar to the native Alaskan peoples.

"The first duty of a Christian, of a disciple and follower of Jesus Christ, is to deny oneself. To deny oneself means to give up one's bad habits, to root out of the heart all that ties us to the world; not to cherish bad desires and thoughts; to quench and suppress bad thoughts; to avoid occasions of sin; not to do or desire anything from self-love but to do everything out of love for God. To deny oneself means, according to the Apostle Paul, to be dead to sin and the world, but alive to God"

St. Innocent of Alaska

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Sasha said...

I love Orthodoxy and Father for this maximalism. :) Indeed, there is no point in going only 90% of the way - we're called to love with ALL our hearts.
Thank you, sister, for sharing.

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