Tuesday, March 1, 2011

FYI American Taxpayer

Do you know who this man is?

It’s worth your time to get acquainted and read some world news about Fethullah Gülen. He is a Turkish imam who now resides in the United States (eastern PA) and is the mastermind behind a growing charter school system, fully funded by your tax dollars, in our nation that promotes Islam, subtly, but assuredly. And, did you know that while charter schools in the US are fully funded by the government, they are not subject to the same rules and restrictions of public schools? Interesting how any mention of God has been systematically removed from public schools, even to the point of infringing upon our freedom of speech and yet a very biased view of the Ottoman Empire and the culture of Islam has been steadily making inroads in our American schools for years. Just check out who is writing our childrens’ history & social studies textbooks.

The Gülen charter schools are promoted under such auspices as excellence in fields of science & math, while also promoting Turkish culture whose national identity is Islam. Of note, he is also known as a Muslim scholar and promoter of interfaith dialogue --most appropriate and intriguing terminology, considering the present cultural mindset in America and the fact that Islam is most often intolerant toward other faiths.

It may be curious for you to know that Gülen is in the US after he fled Turkey in 1998 in order to avoid prosecution charges, where he was accused of undermining Turkey’s secular government in order to promote a purely Islamic one.

It may also interest you to know that Russia, Uzbekistan & the Netherlands have either banned Gülen inspired schools or significantly reduced funding due to their aggressive promotion of Islam. Could it be that in the United States, Gülen has developed a finesse at incrementally pushing a pro-Islamic worldview via our stranglehold of political correctness and tolerance? Islamic stealth. It seems he knows all too well that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.

But don’t take my word for it. Look into it for yourself, taxpayer.


Kh.Nicole said...

So here I am going to be disagreeable. I hope you'll forgive me. I personally would like to see the public school system as it is scrapped in its entirety and returned to completely local control, so that influences this response quite a bit.

Would I send my kid to his kind of school? No way. Would I love if tax dollars that supposedly should be going to the public education of my homeschooled child get reverted to our family? Yes. (This assumes the battle to just not have tax payer funding for public schools is futile, which I believe it is.) Would I want the government telling me not to incorporate Orthodox Christian values throughout my lesson planning? No way! As such, I think you have to extend that courtesy universally in a diversely populated system.

The problem is the transition from the old way of doing public school to a new way full of schooling options, is that there will be places where the choices are between Old School and Turkish Muslim Charter School, and that's not a great choice for many Christian parents when Old School is anti-Christian in its pervasive humanistic philosophy.

/end disagreeable. Hope you are well!

amy said...

Kh. Nicole,

I don't find your comments disagreeable at all. Your point is a good one about extending a universal viewpoint in a diverse population. And I agree with you about the deplorable state of public schools.

My point in posting this is only to increase awareness, as I tend to think most of us don't know all the ways in which our tax dollars are used and toward what end.

I just wonder, though, have charter school permits been applied for by christians in the US? Have they attempted the same model as Gulen? I don't know - I'd have to do more homework on that, but my guess is that most Christians in the US have less of an inclination to subtly promote Christianity than Muslims have to promote Islam. We're generally a loud bunch, happily promoting our private christian schools and freedom to homeschool. Wouldn't you say?

Ah, well.. in the end, I have no trouble living in a diverse culture, knowing that Judeo-Christian principals govern our land I just question the intention of Islamists educating our children.

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