Thursday, March 3, 2011

Izzy Update - March 2011

Our lil’ trooper continues to amaze! On Tuesday, March 1, 2011 Izzy had another surgery in order to remove tissue that had surrounded the recurring tumor back in October 2010. This is an area just behind her left knee. The surgery was recommended by Dr. Paul from Ruby Memorial not because he suspected a recurrence of cancer, but as a precautionary measure. The surgeon indicated that if a recurrence might happen, it would be in the tissue closest to the earlier tumor. She came through just fine and the surgeon was pleased at what had been accomplished. Izzy experienced some pain immediately afterwards, but yesterday I talked with her on the phone and she sounded her normal happy self -- telling me all about the “cast” (it’s really just a firm soft wrap) on her leg and that her daddy bought her a cane to help with walking. Jenny says the doctors want her to use the leg and put weight on it right away, even though she can’t bend her knee just yet.

Last night my dad visited with her at home and together they did the Cha Cha Slide ..! Cancer can’t keep this kid down. Just last week, prior to the surgery, she had her debut as mascot for the Mountain View Christian School Patriots (pictured above) and loved every minute of it. With such a warm and loving bunch of girls to cheer with, how could she not? Everyone at Mountain View cheers this girl on and remembers her regularly in prayer; we’re thankful for such a blessed environment at our school.

And thankful to ALL of You out there who remember Izzy and her family in your prayers. We know we’ve got a world of support out there with many prayer warriors lifting her up to our Heavenly Father daily. A mere thank you seems so little, but know that we remember you also in our prayers to God.

Izzy will be continuing her regularly scheduled chemo in two or three weeks, as the healing of her leg dictates. The doctors expect her to recover just fine from this recent surgery and have full use of her leg.

In other news, the Quigley’s, of charitable organization, Timmy’s Fund, have created a new page for Izzy; check it out here. The Quigley family and their incredible organization have been a tremendous help to Jenny and her family as well as many other children with cancer at Ruby Memorial Hospital. Their mission began through heartache, after losing their own son to medulla blastoma in December 2004. The Quigley’s radiate the love of God and represent everything good in the human heart, illustrating Romans 8:28 perfectly. May God continue to bless your efforts, Mr. & Mrs. Quigley; you are shining lights on this earth.


GretchenJoanna said...

Great news. Thank God!

amy said...

Thank you for reading, Gretchen Joanna = ' )

margaret said...

I am soooooo glad. This is such good news, I hope she goes from strength to strength and that you keep posting photos of her progress for a long time to come.

Rich said...

Sorry, I am late in reading this, but thanks for the update. What a trooper she is!!

God’s blessings to her and the entire family.


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