Saturday, March 26, 2011

Return of Green

I am so thankful for spring this year. It’s not that I dislike winter, as I find much to love about the snow & ice... the laughter in building a snowman with the children.. the cozy fires in evening. I even enjoy being snowed in on occasion, making hot chocolate and reading. But this winter has brought personal challenges, too. The warm spring sunshine feels good on my soul.

Just a week and a half ago I noticed the tiny green shoots of mint peeping out from under a mess of dead, crispy stems. As I removed all the dead stuff to clear the way, a wonderful fragrance was released in the air and lingered on my hands. I must add more mint to the garden this year; it’s such a happy and uplifting little herb. Not fussy at all -- just the kind I like to grow.

The shamrock plant (pictured above) survives the winter indoors and when the time is right, finds a home on the porch to catch gentle rains. Our grass now needs mowed, the birds are busy and , oh! we have a new couple at our feeder this year. A male and female towhee have been regularly stopping by since late January.

I love the return of green and watching the trees wake up...the season of renewal and rebirth. A season that I feel internally, too. I’ve also had some changes in the last few weeks, a new direction and focus which I am enjoying very much.

I began a new part-time job last Monday, teaching art to 3rd-6th graders and am loving every minute of it! The job is only 3 hours per day, which fits in nicely with my photography business. The best part? I get to spend those hours near our children and two nieces. The job opportunity came as a surprise and as soon as I knew the school wanted me on board, I began researching art projects. What fun! I feel like I did as a third grader and a brand-new box of Crayola® crayons was given to me --the 64 count that is. Full explosive color with sharpened tips just waiting for the fuse of imagination to create something spectacular on that clean sheet of paper.

The first week went well. I’m still finding my bearings, but am encouraged at every turn by faculty as well as the students. I actually laughed out loud during my first class with the third graders. When I asked, “Does anyone know why this week is so special?” A young man raised his hand and said, “Because it’s your first week of work?” ha! Thankfully, the next young lady had the answer I was looking for...”Because it’s the first week of spring?” Yes, indeed. It is spring, glorious spirit is being renewed. Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord. †


Anonymous said...

Amen and beautiful!!!

GretchenJoanna said...

What a blessing to have such a job. We are having a late, cold and wet spring - when I went out in the yard today I was really hit with the wonder of all the green shoots and sprouts everywhere - Glory to God!

Rich said...

Congrats on the job!!

Are you still working with the troubled high school and junior high youth?


Unknown said...

So glad to hear your part time work is well, I too am happy to see some sunshine this week and last as it does my heart good to see the green again...I relate to this post so well and like you hope that we meet someday...we will have a cozy and loving conversation indeed!

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