Wednesday, August 17, 2011


1 Corinthians 13 tells us all about love...
that it is patient and kind.

I was reminded today of that, to be kind to others, especially when I'm hurried and tend not to take notice of others so much.

People can hurt so much on the inside, concealing the hurt behind a smile...
can be so close to tears, but have to carry on through work or classes or parenting.

There was a beautiful woman I saw today and she was kind.
She was going through a divorce...
She had a black eye.

† † †

Give someone some encouragement today:
praise their good work, or new hair-cut, or parenting skills or the sweetness of their laugh
...or decide to overlook someone's fault that caused you a delay or inconvenience.

We all need love and want to be understood; some people rarely receive kind words and actions ...and they so much deserve them.


elizabeth said...

I love the quote,

be kind, for everyone is fighting a great battle...

Anam Cara said...

When I was in college in the late 60s a girl who had gone to my high school lived on my dorm hall. She was a year or so behind me and so we hadn't interacted there, but I knew everyone thought she was a real "geek" - not a complement at the time. The reputation followed her to college. She had bright red hair, was skinny and gangly and she wore clothes that were always out of fashion - like she bought things and then didn't wear them for a couple years so they were just behind the fashion curve.

We became friends, and I was humbled when she wrote a poem for me. (She wrote lots of poetry and eventually wrote one for every girl on the hall.) Mine is this:

You did not know your words of praise
Would keep me warm for many days
Or feed my fingers as they grope
Or fill my heart with new born hope.
But easy words have so much power
You would not guess how they can flower
And feed a fruit that's fresh and sweet
To those who rarely ever eat.

She taught me a very, very valuable lesson - about saying kind things even to strangers. I have watched people light up when I just say something like, "ooo, that dress is perfect for your eyes," to a stranger. They walk taller and I like to think I changed their day for the better.

amy said...

Thank you both for the comments...

Anam Cara, what a lovely story..thanks so much for sharing it, as it blessed me, too!

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