Friday, August 5, 2011

Open Letter to Vogue:

Congratulations, Vogue. You’ve just landed on the doorstep of the multi-billion dollar child pornography industry. I didn’t realize you were so desperate for readers. If the sexualization of a 10-year is now par in 2011 and deemed "art" by your supporters, in what year will you “civilized” people sell young ones for sex?

Congratulations, Vogue, on teaching young girls that they are a commodity, their worth being linked to the appearance of their bodies.

In your lush photography studios around the world, with your fans and make-up and you arrange your subject’s body in the most “attractive” way, you may think yourself a world away from a Rajasthan village, where girls, just as beautiful are made-up in similar fashion.

You’re closer than you think.

† † †

Best wishes to you Dove, on your campaign for Real Beauty. I hope your message continues to be heard in such a barbaric segment of our society:


margaret said...

I could *not* believe those Vogue photos. I stared and stared as if staring might make her 18. I don't know about the US but here people are insanely paranoid about paedophiles - I am terrifed to photograph sunsets or seabirds now if there's a child anywhere around because if it ran into my frame I could find myself on the sex offenders' register yet Vogue sells and the stylist, photographer, editor, publisher and the child's mother will not be prosecuted.

Miss Tilney said...

Same thing is happening in Egypt in *Christian* communities although with less force it seems

Anonymous said...

wow, right on for Dove! It's rare to see anyone in the media of any form take responsibility for shaping the we all know it does far too much! Instead of inspiring us to make better lives through personal/spiritual growth, and treating others with respect, the media drives us all off the edge of greatness and we follow like sheep.

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