Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Izzy, Myrrh-Streaming Icons and Prayer

Many of you have followed the story of my niece, Izzy, and her battle with cancer. She continues to do remarkably well since her leg was amputated this spring. She gets around just fine with her colorful prosthetic leg and enjoys showing her friends how she can paint the toenails on her artificial foot. She has enjoyed cheerleading most recently and I cannot overstate the exuberance and hearty spirit of this 4 year old little girl. Just last evening I was at my sister’s house, joining Izzy and her sisters in a round of “Just Dance” on the Wii.

You would never know by watching her that she experiences pain each day -- now in her back and chest. The most recent body scan showed a “suspicious area” in her upper back and now the family travels north once again, to Morgantown, to have this area biopsied. Please pray with us? This is scheduled for Thursday morning, October 6.

Earlier in the week, I was telling of my experience from the weekend to Izzy and her mom (my sister), Jenny. I, along with my daughter, went to the Hermitage of the Holy Cross in order to take part in their 25th Anniversary Celebration. View the video of this special event below:

It was a wonderful experience; the cold temperatures and steady rain did nothing to dampen this outdoor occasion. How could it? The miraculous myrrh streaming Hawaiian-Iveron Icon of the Mother of God was present and it streamed myrrh throughout the liturgy. All of the pilgrims were blessed and anointed by His Eminence Hilarion, Metropolitan of Eastern America & New York. Wanting to share this blessing with Izzy, I touched my scarf to the anointing myrrh on my forehead so I would have something of that blessed moment to bring to her.

Myrrh streaming icons are a miracle and even the Orthodox faithful meet them with awe; how much more so to Protestants who have never heard of them. I’m not sure Izzy understood what I was trying to tell her about the blessing and the beautiful scent of roses that now clings to that scarf... but she sat still and allowed Jenny & I to pray over her. God is so good!

Please continue to pray with us, for Izzy’s continued health and amazing spirit...she has touched so many lives through this ordeal with cancer!!


Sasha said...

Lord help and save you all!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing little lady! Still praying. Thanks for the update.

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