Friday, October 7, 2011

What Demons Dread

A friend just posted this "bumper sticker" on Facebook and it's too good not to share:

I love it! I think I’ll print it out and tape it to my desk where I’ll see it each morning. It begs the question, just how to be that woman? Read Proverbs 31 and you’ll get a glimpse into the life of a godly woman, to whom the demons have reason to fear. She rises early, works with her hands, extends help to the poor and needy, is cloaked with strength and dignity, speaks with kindness, looks after her family, is trustworthy and fears the Lord. Her children bring blessings to her and her husband praises her.

My children asked recently, what exactly does it mean to fear the Lord? To be afraid of God? they wondered. I told them a fear of the Lord means to fear displeasing their Heavenly Father, to fear being out of fellowship with their Creator. To have a loving reverence for His will, as their King and Lord.

In days gone by, I regarded a “godly” woman as one who is mild, submissive and never heard. A pious woman, but not necessarily one that I admired or wanted to imitate. This has to do more with my pride and being a Type A personality than anything else. Now, a few decades later, I see differently.

I’ve realized that the people I admire most, those who have wisdom, patience and spiritual strength and stamina are godly. They fear the Lord. They are meek and they are the strongest people I’ve ever met. They are the ones who are slow to anger, obedient in prayer and usually quiet and reserved when conflicts exist around them. They are the listeners who think much before acting. They are the anchors in a chaotic sea because they are close to Christ. I want to be one.

As per my last post, our family is going through some trials. My sister is exhausted in every regard and I wonder why it is that God cannot grant her just one restful night sleep. So many are praying for her; does God not hear? She told me, “I feel like satan is right there -- right beside me just waiting for me to cave, to curse God”

I can hear Coach (if you’re a fan of Facing the Giants, you’ll know who I mean) yelling in our ear, ‘It’s right now! It’s right now that you have to be strong! When you want to quit, when you’re tired and worn out and can hardly breathe, it’s now that you have to dig in with all you’ve got’

Demons tremble at the name of Christ, for they know of the spiritual reality of God and His heavenly kingdom. (James 2:19) We cannot give up, we will not give in, we will finish the race well. God have mercy on me to be stronger than I am †

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