Sunday, February 21, 2010

Go Team USA

Canada 3

Ryan Miller - 42 saves - Sensational!

one awesome game!!


Jane G Meyer said...

I love hockey! Even though I'm from LA, I grew up going to Kings games. My mom would even give in sometimes and let my dad take us on school nights...
Aren't the Olympics so inspiring? There are so many lessons to be learned from these athletes who train their minds and bodies so diligently...

Fun to know you're watching, too :)

elizabeth said...

I admit I did not watch (I know and I am living in Canada!!) but one of my classmates was bemoaning our loss!! :) That is some goalie!!

Brian Miller said...

woot woot!

amy said...


Yes, the Olympics are inspiring! I'm enjoying each night ... we used to travel to Pittsburgh to watch the Pens play, but haven't been as much in recent years. Hockey is such an exciting sport ~ and that game between USA & Canada is one to remember; I've never seen one more thrilling! Woot indeed! =-)

Elizabeth, you'll have to catch the highlights! ...although, I wonder how many of the USA members play in the NHL for a Canadian team ?

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