Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Is Bear Grylls Orthodox?

At least once a week I get a hit on my blog from someone asking Google, “Is Bear Grylls Orthodox?”  I supposed the search engine picks up my many references to Orthodoxy and the fact that I have Bear’s blog linked here.  The truth is, I don’t know the answer; I’ve wondered the same thing.   

If you’re a fan of his show, Man vs. Wild, you’ve undoubtedly seen him sign the cross before parachuting out of a helicopter - or some other great leap of faith.   I’ve searched the web, too, seeking to satisfy my curiosity and, other than discovering a humorous debate on a Catholic message board regarding his “backwards” signing, I’ve come up empty handed. 

Last week I wrote to “Team Bear” who fields questions from his fans, but have yet to receive a response.  I did find a little about at least one of his religious affiliations, Holy Trinity Brompton and the Alpha Course.  Apparently Bear, along with his lovely wife, Shara, have completed the Alpha Course; in this interview of Bear by Nicky Gumbel you can learn a little about the course as well as his views on life & faith. 

As contrary as it seems here, I really don’t spend a lot of energy peering into the lives of the famous   ...unless their lives shine forth an uncommon humility & willingness to proclaim Christ.  My list is short:

Bear Grylls
Kylie Bisutti
Jonathan Jackson

Kudos to you who swim against the stream; may God continue to bless your journey.


Anonymous said...

I liked hearing this. We haven't had television for ten years, but "Man vs. Wild" really tempts me. I should try to get his dvd's.

amy said...

You haven't had tv for 10 years?! Oh, am I envious!

Anonymous said...

Add another: Novak Djokovic.

Anonymous said...

he does the cross as cristian ortodox. the last is the hearth ;)

Ann said...

He's a member of HTB, church of Nicky Gumbel (from the Alpha Course) which is a very charismatic Anglican church, almost evangelical. When he did an interview in an American church, this vicar/interviewer said: "I recently met your vicar, Nicky Gumbel..." Also he did the Alpha Course in this church, and he did a short christmas reading there recently. Nicky is a good friend of his and also christened his boys. When once asked why he does the sign of the cross backwards, he responded: "I probably do that when nervous, but it's just my way of saying: God I need your help today." Lot of people assume he is Catholic just because of crossing himself, but he isn't. Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

I can understand Bear, but Kirk Cameron? Really? He is creepy.

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