Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Polishing the Silver

Her hands are familiar, soft to the touch, warm to hold.
They worked long and hard, gardening, cleaning, attending to paper-
Always in joyful company they gathered to polish the silver.

Her hands are familiar, I can see the golden wedding band still.
They cared for us, cooked for us, hugged us much.
Always in joyful company they gathered to polish the silver.

Her hands are familiar, I remember the holiday table prepared
Carrying the platters, the bowls, and goblets of mirth
Always in joyful company they gathered to polish the silver.

Her hands are familiar, yet distant now
Clasped in disquieted fret
The memories stolen by ruthless disease.
Our hands hold hers and we cherish the days
Of warm fellowship dancing round the silver.

©2010 ALT

My first Magpie Tale, dedicated to my beautiful mother-in-law, Josephine.


Tess Kincaid said...

I have fond memories of my dear grandmother's hands...making pie crust, peeling apples, rubbing my back as I went to sleep.

Exquisite piece. I am looking forward to your future offerings!

Vicki Lane said...

Very, very lovely -- and, like Willow, I'm reminded of my own sweet grandmother (whose silver in now in my keeping, polished by my own wrinkled hands.)

The Muse said...

thank you for stopping over as well.
and i too appreciate your voice.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by. I am so glad your memories are sweeter than mine and of course, this is a place to put into words something one has never been able to express before. I do have some better ones that I may get to explore. Blessings

Anonymous said...

BTW read with interest your struggles with church, not faith, church. I am 72 and just want to be home alone with my scripture and private time at my church. This may be giving up but I am tired. Overdid myself for years with 6 kids and a job, feel there is very little I have to give physically.

Elizabeth said...

I love the echo of the hands, the repetition works so beautifully in this lovely piece.

Ronda Laveen said...

Brings back memories of family holidays "polishing the silver." My mother died two years ago with Alzheimer's. Poignant.

Brian Miller said...

hands always carry so much for me...memories wrapped in the creases and nicks. nicely done...

rel said...

Nice....the images that bring forth treasured memories are perfectly captured here with your words. I the reader am comforted by the sentiment also.

Joan Tucker said...

Lovely, thank you

tori said...

beautiful post.

PattyF said...

Wow. So evocative. How sad that hands which once dispensed love now twist with agitation and disquiet. A bittersweet story that was very well done.

amy said...

Thank you for all the encouraging feedback! You make me glad to have participated in this challenge!

Hausfrau said...

Oh, how sad but lovely--really nice use of repetition.

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