Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ballymorris Pottery

A very funny coincidence happened yesterday while at my mom’s house. For the past several years we have celebrated St. Patrick’s Day together by sharing a meal, sipping tea, watching QVC’s delightful St. Paddy’s Day show, and perusing her large photo album commemorating her trip to Ireland with Dad in 2001.

Sitting on the couch together, I held the album in my lap while mom leaned in close to look at a favorite photo... she & dad had traveled off the beaten path in County Clare, following little wooden signs to a small pottery barn, nestled among the rolling green hills. Her photo was of the owner & potter, Hannah Arnup, in her workshop, surrounded by rows of shelves containing her clay pieces ready to be fired. Hannah held in her stained hand one of the vases she had been working on, looking pleased with it. It was a quintessential shot, relaying that warm essence of a person who clearly loves what she does: working with her hands in the clay.

We spent 6 hours together, and it was at this exact moment, while looking at the photo of Hannah from Ballymorris Pottery, that a voice on t.v. soon caught my attention ~ it was Hannah! I looked down at the photo - then back to the screen where her name appeared at the bottom of the frame. She was debuting on QVC with her earthy Celtic Cross and Claddagh pottery to hang on the wall.

Her skilled hands craft beautiful pieces; some with a bit of whimsy! She had also made a cuckoo whistle that mom adored...

Hats off to you, Ms. Hannah Arnup; I think your work is lovely and a warm addition to any home. I hope Ballymorris Pottery did well with QVC and we hope to see you again next year!


margaret said...

What a strange coincidence. I think it's nice when those small artisans get a chance on QVC amidst all the, dare I say, nonsense they peddle. I hope she does well.

elizabeth said...

wow. Happy belated feast!

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