Tuesday, March 2, 2010

For freedom loving people everywhere...

I was saddened, yet glad to see the article in Yahoo headlines a few hours ago about the German family who has sought asylum (I can hardly believe I'm typing that) in the United States. It's frightening to know of countries hostile toward parental rights, but I am glad for the attention this headline created in the popular search engine. Since I don't watch televised news, I wonder if this will be a major story tonight...? Does the American public know what's going on in Europe?

Annie and her son, Dominic Johansson

In December I learned about the Johansson family and was stunned to learn that their 7-year old child had been taken into state custody just as the family was on an airplane, bound for India - the home country of the mother. Their crime? homeschooling their child.

Looking for updates on this story today, I was sickened to read that this young boy, since December, remains in state custody and the parents are living a nightmare. I may not be so shocked if this was happening in a restricted or otherwise communist nation ~ but Sweden? Our friends in justice & freedom?

Read the latest here:

The parents have been restricted from access to their son for months now - being allowed only a 60 min. visit every 5th week; my heart is torn for the torment these parents are suffering. The article above includes a website and what we may do to help these people.

Kýrie, eléison!
Господи, помилуй!
فليرحمنا الرب


bokmalin said...

Dear Amy, the family lives here in Sweden and there has been some attention concerning them through christian news papers. Hardly anywhere else, though. Johansson is a typical swedish name.

And no, I don't think people in the US have any idea what is going on concerning religious freedom and freedom of choosing how to educate your children here in Europe. Religious freedom tends to mean freedom FROM religion, not freedom TO religion.

Home schooling your children has become increasingly difficult during these last years. /bokmalin

amy said...


Thank you so much for commenting; my prayers go up for you & your countrymen. I suppose I am quite naive in some areas, as I never dreamed something such as this could take place in the beauty of Sweden.

Hausfrau said...

It's an atrocity. I signed the petition. I knew this kind of thing happened in Germany, but I didn't know that homeschooling is also illegal in Sweden. Ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

How tragic! As a public school teacher I work daily with many children whose parents do not take their responsibilities seriously. They expect the state to do what they should be doing. Yet this has become "normal." The abnormal ones are those who see educating and caring for their children as their own personal responsibilities. We homeschool our children, and are criticized for it. One mother of a student of mine indignantly asked about this, "Don't you believe in the system?" Thank for bringing attention to this through your post. And I'm very thankful to live here in America, although we seem to be increasingly desperate to imitate these European countries.

Paula said...

Amy, thanks for your kind words on my blog. Returning your visit I found this post. There are many cultural and social differences between Germany, most European countries and the USA: Living with an American partner I experience this in every day. Simple example: I am freightened of all these violence in an American TV, while my partner is rather surprised about all that love and sex can be seen on the TV. Still we have less teenager mothers and mostly less crime ( particular heavy crimes) compared to the USA. My own point on this is that I have a European passport and can decide where I wanna live and which problems,/situations etc are given. because each country has advantages and disadvantages. Considering moving to teh States to finally be with my partner, I struggle hard with having a great federal health system, safer jobs for example. It is the right of this family to go and live where they want. Like it is my right to chose a country for myself. Have a great start into the week and thanks again for visiting my blog.

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