Monday, May 2, 2011


..and kudos to all those who speak out against evil.
The video clip shows a German woman giving her voice to oppose a Salafist Rally in Germany -- a most interesting insight from her interview is this (emphasis mine) :

"maybe, I should explain briefly why I was showing up there: When Pierre Vogel showed up with his followers in Frankfurt am Main on Römerberg the last time, I was rather shocked. The protestant church was open and radical Muslims used it as acting base. In my opinion, this could only have happened with the approval of the church leadership there."


" What Pierre Vogel is doing is simply an elaborate brain washing, like it was the case with Hitler, Goebbels, Stalin, Honecker and how they were all called. He is addressing himself directly towards foreign youths, because they often have problems with their own identity anyway. They are torn apart between the world their families came from and their German reality. They have a hard time. Islam means form many of them a piece of identification with the other world of their ancestors."

With regard to American youth converting to Islam, I believe her reasoning her to be spot-on.


DebD said...

wow! We live in such crazy times, Amy. thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Good for her! She's a brave woman.

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