Thursday, May 26, 2011

Heroes and Bad Hair Days

Oh my, what a busy month! I love it. I love this beautiful time of year and the fun in wrapping up things at school for summer break. The students have done an excellent job with their projects. The 6th grade worked for many weeks on these Hero Books. I found the idea on (an excellent resource for teachers!) and from Day 1, the class put a lot of thought and time into writing and illustrating a story about a true hero from their lives. They first wrote the story and then did sketches to illustrate each page. Some wrote about God and the story of creation, others wrote about a relative who had done a kind and honorable deed. One young man wrote about the charitable work of his church. I was blessed by each one and felt glad when a few students volunteered to present their book to the class.

Each page, bound together by string lacing, was made by the student. To finalize, they added details such as decorative borders, bows, feathers & metallic markers. I am so proud of them!

To follow the Hero Book project, I decided upon something whimsical and a bit less tedious: the Bad Hair Day project. ha! I discovered this idea through a Homeschooling Newsletter that I receive. The students had to draw a face on the large 18” x 12” art paper given to them and then add either crazy hair or a beard made entirely by block letters. Then they had to come up with at least 10 different patterns to fill in the spaces created by the letters. We talked about using values to create dimension in their work. I was very impressed with some of the patterns they came up with, like the 7-Up logo, zebra stripes, tie-dye and cobwebs; the whimsical facial features were fantastic! These pictures were taken before they had completely finished, but you get the idea...


Faff said...

Hero book, what a great idea. I'm looking at ways I can use this at church with our youngsters. it has great possibilities.

E.B. said...

I love these. The Hero book would work with a soldier my little Sunday School class has adopted as a pen pal, and for Father's Day, too, perhaps. The Bad Hair Day is just fun! Thank for the inspiration Amy!

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