Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Praise God...

from whom all blessings flow...

"If I cry and don't smile then the devil will be happy -
so I'm gonna smile."
-Izzy McManaway,
4 yrs. old, a day after having her leg amputated.

It's been over a week & Izzy is doing remarkably well. She came home from the hospital the day after surgery and attended the school's Spring Patriotic Play the day after that! She has several walkers, one of which she promptly decorated with zebra stripe duct tape to make the handles easier to grip.

She has had sporadic pain today, but this evening is feeling better after her doctor prescribed a new pain medication. The surgery has not slowed this child down. She continues to keep up with her sisters and cousins, loves playing with the dogs & eats like a growing girl should.

So many prayers go up for Izzy; each one powerful and deeply appreciated. It's really this that makes me tearful... the loving hearts of people who remember her to our Lord and Saviour. I cannot cry for Izzy. How can I when I only see a child full of smiles?! But the tears do roll when I witness the love of others reaching out to her. Just like Bryson's prayer did to me this morning. What joy and lessons we can learn from children.

Thank you Bryson! God is using you to bless the
heart of others ♥

Izzy on the way home from Morgantown, the day after surgery.

Glory to God for all things †


elizabeth said...

She is so beautiful! love and prayers!

margaret said...

I am glad she is doing well. I can't take in quite how brave she is, it's absolutely amazing.

Sasha said...

What a joyous “little” person! God bless you all.

Faff said...

I can only echo Bryson's prayer, "Dear Jesus, Please help Izzy with the cancer. Tell her all the things she can still do with one leg. Help her to be fine. Amen." From the sound of it God is already telling her.

Anonymous said...
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